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Compassion Camps is..


.. a movement sweeping North America with the mission to

cultivate more compassion and self-love in our world!

At camp, our pillars are community, connection and compassion.

We come together with the intention for each of us to nurture and tend to the Home we carry deep within ourselves. We believe the best way to do this is by developing compassion - for ourselves, others, and the planet.​ [Read more...]

We do this through an all-inclusive camp experience designed to give you the best camp experience ever, delivered through intentional programming, 40+ curated workshops, camp games, and more!

More details can be found below in the individual camp pages for our 3 locations:

Oregon, Minnesota, and Ontario!

We're excited to 'Come Home' with you!



Our 3 Beautiful Locations for 2020:

Our campsites are situated on pristine campgrounds nestled in preserved natural environments. 

Each camp experience is all-inclusive: top-notch cabins, camp activities like high ropes and canoeing,

all meals, camp activities, and intentional program scheduling!

Check out the following pages for details about our camps, what's included, and how to enroll!

United States
United States

We are now accepting applications! 

Want to be a bigger part of camp?

Apply to co-create camp with us!

(comes with a ticket discount & other perks!)

Join our impressive roster of workshop facilitators in sharing your gifts & talents with a group of campers to set the tone of the camp experience!

Guide a cabin (of your chosen theme) of campers

in a transformational camp experience! 

Includes camp counsellor trainings!

Join a team of fairies and other magical characters

to help keep the physical & emotional climate

& safety of camp on point!

Camp is a multi-faceted, complex

human-powered machine that could always

use a couple extra helping hand.  

Sign up for a MemberShift

(a few hours of logistical support at camp) 

for a reduced ticket price!

Where will you attend Compassion Camp 2020?
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