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The human power of camp!

Camp is a multi-faceted, complex 

human-powered machine that could always 

use a couple extra helping hand.  

We rely on the support of MemberShifters to help make camp run smoothly!

Please see the list of things we need help with below and fill out an application to qualify for a reduced ticket price!

What is a MemberShift?

Compassion Camps are CO-CREATED. 


Co-creation is a form of collaborative innovation.. 

.. and it takes everyone at camp to make it the magical experience it is! 

From checking in campers to guiding camp games, to sharing your wisdom through a workshop - each position is just as important as the next. Taking on a MemberShift means you play

 a key role in the co-creation of camp! We need you and you need everyone else

to make this camp special, awesome, and WHOLEsome. 

Being a MemberShifter:


Upon arriving at camp - you'll be welcomed full-heartedly and informed with more details on your role. Time commitment varies from 1-4 hours. Every MemberShifter will be eligible for an Early Bee ticket price.  If you are able to pay the regular price, please do to ensure everyone who wants to attend camp can obtain it. (More about financial assistance here.)

When you enroll at our 3 locations : Oregon, Ontario and/or Midwest, you will have the option to select the MemberShift ticket and apply for one of the roles below:

Camp Mom - focused on making sure everyone is doing good.

Camp moms are problem-solvers, even keeled, naturally responsive and timely.

Morning Activity Leader - share an activity to help everyone prepare for a great day!


Project Make Believe - help create the secret magic sauce of camp! (Shhh!)


Indoor & Outdoor Game Host - share your fave games to get campers playing and moving!


Fairy - Emotional support at camp for when campers need some extra love and care.


Check In Committee - Be the first point of contact to welcome campers as they arrive!


Tea Server - Help set up the tea space and keep it warm and welcoming for a nurturing environment.


Sound Healer - Share your healing frequencies with crystal bowls and other instruments!


Drummer - Got some drums and/or drum skills you'd like to share? Help us get the groove going!


Art Healing Lab - We have an art lounge and need someone to give it life and share their artistic genius!


Nature Enthusiast - Got a knack for local plant & species identification? Help campers connect to nature!


Fire Keeper - Are you good at starting and keeping fires? We need you!!

Set-Up & Tear-Down Crew - quick and energetic humans to help with the various hand-on tasks needed for camp success!

Apply soon to claim your preferred role!

Where will you attend Compassion Camp 2020?
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