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What does it mean to be a

Compassion Camp Counselor?

Being a Camp Counselor means creating community in your cabin and with the camp at large.

Camp Counselors are the pillars for safety and transformation during camp.  

Through trainings we provide tools for camp success!


Apply below! 

Every camp has between 12-20 camp counsellors that help guide their cabins (of 5-12 campers each) through a transformational experience.

Your cabin will be a theme of your choice, which campers will have the option of signing up for.

As a camp counsellor, you will have time with your cabin to guide activities and lead a workshop, and will be able to also enjoy the rest of camp on your own time.

Camp counsellors are eligible for a reduced ticket price as part of their valuable contribution to making camp a success! We will also provide 2 trainings (details below) to help our camp counsellors be as effective and successful as possible. 

We will also organize team hangouts to help everyone get to know each other and develop a special sense of family before camps start!

Trauma & Resilience Advanced Training

At Compassion Camps, we go deep in providing transformation. With all transformation comes growing pains and triggers. To prepare to create safe and transformative space - all counselors accepted will receive a full weekend trauma intensive.  During this training we will explore:


  • The Theories of Conflict

  • Psychological First Aid

  • Victim & Aggressor Wheel of Violence 

The course begins on a Friday night and is completed that Sunday afternoon.  With the outcome of more self aware, responsive, and compassionate camp counselors. Written test post training for completion.  

Compassionate Leadership Training

Compassion Camps creates community.   With all community their needs to be a sense of belonging, brave space, and integrity-driven direction.  Compassion Camps is focused on creating a more compassionate community, each and every training.  We do this by investing our efforts in the community's leaders.

During this training, we will enhance our tools in:

  • Taking our next stage

  • Discovering our "One Thing"

  • Advanced Connection and Circling Techniques 

  • Tactics to enter our flow state and become an impact generator! 

The course begins on a Friday night and is completed Sunday morning, with a potluck celebration that afternoon!.  

Anticipated Outcomes: Refound Focus, Clear Path Mindset, New Growth Pillars, Greater Community Impact

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