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From sound healing, to yoga, to authentic relating, to twerking, workshops are an opportunity for anyone at camp (counselors & campers) to share a service, healing or any other type of workshop you wish to share..

Apply to Host a Camp Workshop!

At Compassion Camps, we are proud to be able to offer 40+ workshops to our Campers!

All workshops contribute to our camp mission of help campers build compassion...

.. to themselves, others and the planet!


Please note that workshops are about 45min-50 min, so we suggest you plan your workshop accordingly. (You can check out the camp itinerary and workshop times here.)

As a workshop facilitator, you are eligible for a reduced ticket price as part of your valuable contribution to making camp the best possible experience for everyone!

Also, all workshop facilitators will recieve a leadership training (details below) to help you own your stage at camp by Dane Esethu - The Founder of Compassion Camps!

Compassionate Leadership Training

Compassion Camps creates community.   With all community their needs to be a sense of belonging, brave space, and integrity-driven direction.  Compassion Camps is focused on creating a more compassionate community, each and every training.  We do this by investing our efforts in the community's leaders.

During this training, we will enhance our tools in:

  • Taking our next stage

  • Discovering our "One Thing"

  • Advanced Connection and Circling Techniques 

  • Tactics to enter our flow state and become an impact generator! 

The course begins on a Friday night and is completed Sunday morning, with a potluck celebration that afternoon!.  

Anticipated Outcomes: Refound Focus, Clear Path Mindset, New Growth Pillars, Greater Community Impact

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