Camp Guidelines

Since camp is co-created by the community that is brought together, we ask that all our staff and campers are to the following guidelines to make camp the best experience possible for everyone!

These guidelines will also be introduced at camp! 

Our Guidelines​:

  •  Be respectful and kind to your fellow campers.

  •  Do your best to come from a loving place in all interactions.

  •  If you cannot resolve an issue directly with kindness, please contact one of our camp leaders.


  •  Campers are encouraged to be autonomous in making decisions and guiding their experience - being           compassionate includes listening to yourself while learning to set healthier boundaries.

  •  Follow the 'two-step' rule: you can leave an activity, interaction or workshop at any time to feel more               comfortable.

  •  Help co-create a safer space for all - practice self-awareness to look for ways to accept & welcome others

  •  Maintain confidentiality by only sharing your own experience of workshops, camp etc. post-camp.

  •  Try to challenge yourself to achieve personal breakthroughs at camp - whether that's in volunteering, 

      expressing yourself vulnerably during an activity, or introducing yourself to new people!

  •  Stay sober; please leave all alcohol, drugs, & psychoactive substances at home.

  •  If you see something, say something; please inform camp staff & crew of any issues.

  •  Show up the you-est you, & have fun!!! :)

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