An Island Experience! 

Our Midwest camp grounds are nestled on a pristine 

44-acre island on sacred Lake Wapogassett.

The camp was scheduled to take place May 14th to 17th at Camp Icaghowan, Wisconsin.

We needed to postpone camp until it is safe to have social gatherings again.

Sign up here if you'd like updates on future camp dates!

It's All-Inclusive!






Check out some captures of our beautiful nature-based location & some memories from last year's camp! 

Let's go to camp!

Meet Our Amazing Camp Counsellors!

Our camp counsellors are a major part of what makes camp awesome.

We are so excited for this amazing group of leaders to guide us all through Compassion Camps 2020!

Each counsellor bringing their own unique flair and magic to their cabin family. 

When you apply for camp, you will be able to put in your top 3 options for your weekend's experience. 

Camps going to be so special, do you feel it? 

More counsellors
to be announced!
Check back soon! 

Check out our Workshop Facilitators!

[ Coming Soon!  ]


Our pricing follows a tiered system. The earlier you sign up, the better deal you get!

Early Bee

1st Wave

Available until

Dec 9th, 2019.



2nd Wave

Available until

Jan 6th, 2020.



3rd Wave

Available until

Feb 3rd, 2020.



4th Wave

Available until

March 9th, 2020.



Final Wave

Available until

March 25th, 2020.


*Please note that tickets are non-refundable, but are transferrable to other camp sites or dates.

Want a discounted ticket?

Sign up for a MemberShift!

We are proud to say that Compassion Camps is mostly volunteer run!

To keep camp as accessible & affordable as possible, we rely on the generosity of our awesome team of volunteers to make all the magic possible!

Volunteers who complete a MemberShift qualify for a discounted (Early Bee - $379 ) ticket!

It's our way of saying 'Thank You'  for helping co-create camp!

*Additional Financial Assistance Available*

To keep camps as accessible as possible - everyone pays for camp, but no one gets turned away.

If you cannot afford the ticket price, please visit our financial assistance page to learn more.

Where will you attend Compassion Camp 2020?
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