Meet Our Team!

Compassion Camps's structure consists of our Founder, our Regional Directors, Councils, Camp Counsellors, Workshop Facilitators, and support team.

Since camps are postponed during the Covid-19 pandemic, our teams are in transition, and our team members will be updated and featured when camps resume.

Our Directors:

Drake Nyx

Director - Portland, USA

Jonathan has....

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Jonathan Brown

Director - Minneapolis, USA

Jonathan has....

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Sofiya Chorniy

Director - Toronto, Canada

Jonathan has....

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Interested in being a Director or Co-Director?

Compassion Camps is always seeking out amazing team members who will take camps to the next level for our community! Being a director/co-director requires passion, commitment, and integrity in embodying the mission and vision of Compassion Camps.

If you'd like to apply to be a Director/Co-Director, you can download the role description here and apply using the form below! Please note that we are prioritizing hiring women and BIPIC (Black, Indigenous and People of Colo(u)r for these leadership positions.

Expansion Opportunities:

Our team is currently organizing camps in the above 3 locations.

If you would like to see a Compassion Camps happen in your area, feel free to contact us!

Our Founder:

Compassion Camps's was founded by Dane Esethu.

Read more about Dane here.

Where will you attend Compassion Camp 2020?
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