Training Testimonials

At Compassion Camps, we understand the importance of having caring, conscientious, knowledgeable, and trauma-informed leaders leading the activities, workshops, and groups. 

Members in leadership positions are encouraged to attend two trainings on trauma awareness and leadership. If their schedule does not permit, we plan an alternative arrangement to ensure all of our team members are aligned with the Compassion Camps mission & vision.

Trauma Awareness & Resilience - Training Testimonials


“This course was a pleasant, deep dive into our subconscious injuries. I’d recommend this course by Dane to anyone that wants to progress their lives and their relationships to the next, higher plane. There are some very powerful moments for all of us here. Things that I at least was not expecting to feel. Untapped emotions came out in a positive and cathartic way. Dane is very experienced and compassionate. This was an investment of the soul.

- Rodney (Portland, Oregon)


An excellent blend of head and heart. We covered topic that have been deemed tried-and-true by human behavior specialists and integrated that into our own personal matters of the heart.

The result was a deep, insightful and supported process of awareness, reflection and expression. Personally, through this workshop I came to see that I unconsciously help a lot of anger and sadness, as well I assume a lot of power and act without permission. Growth opportunities…”

- Elizabeth (Portland, Oregon)


“You get an opportunity to deep dive into the parts of yourself that have been shoved into the shadows with the love of a group of humans dedicated to their own deep work & dedicated to supporting the deep work of others. We laughed, we cried, we danced, we shared, we didn’t share, we drank tea… and we left with a deeper understanding of ourselves, our trauma, and how to sit with others through theirs.”

- Chris Orcutt (Portland, Oregon)


“This training gave me access to resolving past conflict so I can more fully be myself (present, happy, engaged) and there for others when they are reacting to life. I highly recommend it.

An awesome bonus is connection to others during this work. Authentic, open-hearted communications, along with a perfect balance of physical movement, reflection, and other facilitated integration of what we learned.”

- Brenda (Portland, Oregon)

“This training will give you plenty of opportunities to do the deep, hard work. It’s split up in a helpful way where you learn a concept and then have an opportunity to practice or process in real time. Dane does a fantastic job of staying present and guiding us through these different transformational experiences. And keeping it fun! I got to learn about NVC, theories of conflict, and take inventory of traumatic events throughout my life - not easy, but very good work. The River Walk will rock your world! It’s invaluable to have peers and Dane along this journey as things unfold. It was so helpful to see and identify patterns and fears as they arose in real time. Thanks, Dane! Loved it!”

- Anonymous (Portland, Oregon)


“I don’t think I could have begun to do this kind of work without these tools, teachings & of course Dane being an awesome facilitator, leading the group into all that gross inner sh*t. Others’ braveness definitely rubbed off, so thankful for all the peoples that came, all the mutual support & encouragement. So thankful!”

- Sawly (Portland, Oregon)


“Trauma emergence course with Dane was valuable to delve into conflict mgt theories, autonomic nervous system, relative deprivation theory, historical trauma, and always come back to our feelings and more… A great point to come back to for understanding & healing again & again. Dane is funny, and adept at managing time/ space/ date and people. I love his brain, his love & understanding of Humans! Rock Star!”

- Anonymous (Portland, Oregon)

“The course was incredibly valuable to create connections and understanding of ourselves and each other. The deep dive with fellow counsellors made me feel confident in our ability to hold space together at camp. We explored tools and language from NVM, body and emotional awareness, theories of conflict, and personal trauma. Dane has a depth of study and experience to draw from and creates a dynamic, fun, caring environment. I totally loved it and think it is valuable for anyone, wherever they are on their path.”

- Anonymous (Portland, Oregon)

“I teach about trauma and NVC myself, and got great value and more insights from Dane’s trauma course. His playful, experiential approach creates an inviting space for exploration, discovery, deeper self-connection, and growth. Includes some fabulous transformational exercises you won’t want to miss the gifts of!”

- Vika Miller (Portland, Oregon)

“This was a dynamic and experiential workshop led by a presenter who welcomes and creates space for the full spectrum of humanity within each participant. Dane is playful and insightful and shares himself vulnerably alongside the material he presents. Each exercise was well-thought out and flowed into a flowering journey of personal and group exploration.

- Anonymous (Portland, Oregon)


“The trauma training weekend helped me gain a deeper understanding of compassion camps, the processes behind building community and shared intimacy, and educated perspectives on conflict and aggression cycles. 

The immersive experience helped me connect with the way my body has stored and processed past pain. I was given opportunities to connect with my inner child through play and self-expression, and I learned important practices of self-care, communication, and empowerment. Overall, I feel like the experience embodied the essence of Compassion Camps’ values while educating participants on important concepts necessary for a successful camp counsellor experience. Thank you.”

- Lucy (Minneapolis, Minnesota)


“This weekend was eye opening for me! I came in thinking I would learn how to de-escalate triggering scenarios of other during Compassion Camps. I quickly realized how pertinent this training is for my own life, both in overall understanding and everyday responses and reactions. 

I feel inspired to address the conflicts in my life + support others in doing so in non-violent communication.

It was dynamic! Fun! Silly! Safe! Deep! Living  + powerful - everything Dane is :)”

- Julia (Minneapolis, Minnesota)

“The Trauma & Resiliency Training by Dane was a great mix of emotional untangling for myself, as well as informational content relevant to supporting others through traumatic experiences in a way that feels within my capacity, as well as team-building exercises to strengthen the connections in the Compassion Camps team.

I felt connected and included in the experience throughout and felt that there was a good balance of presentation, facilitation, group work, and activities, as well as individual reflection and processing.  I’m excited to continue extracting the value this training brought to me after the training as well. Thank you!”

- Anonymous (Minneapolis, Minnesota)


“In a gentle and powerful way, you will see yourself more clearly, know yourself more deeply + be supported all along the way. Be ready to be seen + heard + honored and filled with joy!”

- Anonymous (Minneapolis, Minnesota)

“My presence alone feels valued in this class. It’s set up to build a safe + understanding container. Very educational through discussion but most importantly activities where it’s practiced. It’s like playing while deepening a connection to the information and bonding with each other.”

- Kari (Minneapolis, Minnesota)


“Trauma healing work is complex and multi-faceted. Each time I do this work I discover new layers in my own healing and have deeper insights. Learning more about our nervous systems, making & sharing the rivers of our key life events and traumas, practicing our affirmations loudly in the gym, learning about the victim and perpetrator cycle and practicing non-violent communication helped me make so many new connections and identify new wounds to feel and heal. I enjoyed emotionally and socially connecting with all the other camp staff - got me super pumped about camp, can’t wait to see the camp go live!”

- Kate (Minneapolis, Minnesota)


“It felt thoroughly informative. Plenty of time and space was given to dive deep and process the learning not just in our heads but also in our bodies. I appreciate the development of practices to not just hear about them through a lecture, but to also experience and practice them as a community.”

- Anonymous (Minneapolis, Minnesota)

Advanced Leadership - Training Testimonials

“Dane’s leadership course helped me connect to my ‘why’ and my passions again and reignited my fire to continue to strive in making positive changes in the world. I took a break from environmental projects for several months since I got burned out. I‘m excited to get my hands dirty again, with an enthusiastic heart. The training was informative, experiential, and super fun. Dane was diverse in his approach - from riling up the group through captivating stories and his witty (and hilarious) humous, and also dove into more intellectual and complex topics like world issues and the application of leadership styles with grace and ease. I’m glad I took notes as I will continue to unpack the value from this training after this weekend!”

- Anonymous (Portland, Oregon) 


“This course provided an opportunity to connect with others who are out to lead from the heart and purpose. Rather than learning any right, wrong or better ways to lead, participants are walked through exercises to deepen awareness or personal purpose and explore and enhance the ways we naturally lead in the world, deepening the contribution we already make.”

- Anonymous (Portland, Oregon) 

“Brilliant, heart-opening weekend of work, play, and eating fantastic food. Dane created an inviting, fun, and effective space for teaching, exploring and demonstrating leadership. I recommend this for anyone, not just people working with Compassion Camps.”

- Anonymous (Portland, Oregon) 


“Come to merge your introspection with your outrospection and be in a supportive place where all your most authentic passions and visions are encouraged to come out and play. Dane rocks too.”

- Anonymous (Portland, Oregon) 


“I am grateful for this course. It was inspiring, educational, and sometimes playful, others serious and I am walking away bigger and more complete than how I came in.  Co-creating with others and truly coming to the realization that we all want to change our word through community makes it less singular. It occurs as a possibility. Thank you for the tools to create and impact with my 30 second pitch. Now it’s time to do the work! I am out to make a difference!”

- Anonymous (Portland, Oregon) 


“In a supportive atmosphere of love, fun, and acceptance, the leadership course reminded me why I am on this plant. I received new ideas and tools, plus essentia reminders. I made new connections and practiced speaking my truth into our group of dynamic leaders. Exceeded my expectations. :) Thank you!"

- Anonymous (Portland, Oregon) 


“This experience immediately + continuously cultivated a space for vulnerability, intimacy + creativity. I felt both challenged + beautifully supported. I was able to reconnect with my deepest beliefs + passions. I was also able to reconnect with possibility, finding myself surrounded by people who care + are trying!

 Just refreshing motivating + inspiring!”

- Anonymous (Portland, Oregon) 

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