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We are looking for passionate and talented members to join our small but mighty teams!

Want to play a bigger role in co-creating camp?

Compassion Camps is organized by volunteer equity-driven councils in each of the 3 sites across North America!


These councils are a diverse group of members each responsible for an aspect of camp.


Purpose of the Council

To Design and Co-Create the Best and Most Transformational Camp Experience!


The Council IS:


  • An enthusiastic YES for the transcendent Mission of Camp

    • Community, Connection, Compassion.

  • Excited to share about camp with their communities

  • Motivated by community liberation and connection over personal gains 

  • Diverse and equal representation of the council at large

  • Actively involved and communicative in the council on a weekly basis 

    • Time commitment is about 1-3 hours/week​ - sometimes more leading up to camp


The Council is NOT:

  • Paid or getting paid for people signing up

Perks of Being a Council Member

  • Be involved in creating opportunities for people to develop compassion

  • Learn new skills through project-based efforts and from other team members

  • Make new and long-lasting friendships with like-minded and like-hearted people

  • Access to coaching and mentoring from our team

  • FREE admission to camp!

Council Roles

For camps to be a success, we recommend each council member take on (or share) the following roles:

1.  Logistics Coordinator

  • High attention to detail

  • Quick learner and critical thinker

  • Responsible for organizing:

    • Check-In Table

    • Food and Dining Hall

    • Camp Schedule


2.  Workshop Lead

  • Excellent communication skills

  • Responsible for overseeing all workshops

    • Selection of workshops with the team

    • Arranging chedule of workshops

    • Communication to all workshop facilitators (templates provided)

    • Placement (on camp site)


3. Camp Games Coordinator (because - games!

  • Responsible for organizing and finding game hosts for:

    • Friday Games Day Time

    • Friday Games Night Time (optional) 

    • Saturday Games Day Time

    • Saturday Games Night Time 


4. Project Make Believe (The Mystery Magic of Camp)


  • Build Character Team

  • Pre Plan Outfits and Costumes

  • Create the story

  • Bring people back to Make Believe at Camp


5. Camp Mom and Fairy Lead (Camp Emotional Support Team) 

  • Camp Mom is focused on making sure everyone is doing good.  They are camp mom. 

  • IMPORTANT: They are problem-solvers, even-keeled, naturally responsive and timely. 

  • Responsible for organizing and select camp fairies (a Membershift role)

    • Fairles are the emotional support at camp for when triggers occur

    • Fairies are welcome to join the first training


6. Soul Magic 

  • Lead in co-creating the extra magic of camp and execution of magic. 

    • Tea Room

    • BonFire Song Circles 

    • Midday Kirtan Circles

    • Morning Magic

    • Yoga

    • Authentic Relating

    • The best non-sense and total sense.

  • Keeping campers connecting, building, and cultivating transformation!

7. Equity & Outreach

  • Ensuring equity and diversity at camp

    • Council, camp counselors, workshops, campers​

  • Creating new and maintaining existing partnerships with community groups

8. Social Media 

  • Create engaging content 

  • Use creative strategy for promoting Compassion Camps & our mission

If you would like to join, please apply below!!!

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