COVID-19 Update

Dear Compassion Campers,

We hope you have been staying safe and well and ultimately practicing compassion for yourselves during this worldwide moment of stepping back.

With recent regulations, our care for our campers, and the intention to do what's best for everyone in the bigger picture in mind - we are currently in the process of rescheduling the Oregon Compassion Camp to a later date.

Given that the situation with the Corona Virus outbreaks is not predictable, we do not have another date set in place yet and are in discussions with our venues on the best options moving forward. We will continue to provide you with updates as we follow along with the news of how the virus situation is unfolding. 


We will continue to monitor updates and keep you posted with any changes to our other sites.

Thank you so much for believing in Compassion Camps and for all your enthusiastic support in being part of our Compassion Camps family.

With people flying in from across the United States, and even from Hawaii - over 40 workshop facilitators, 16 camp counselors, and many amazing surprises that were planned this year - we understand that a lot of people were affected - including our team as well.

Please remember - as indicated on our website - that tickets are not refundable, but are transferable to later dates, or can be gifted to other campers if you choose. We can consider exceptions for individuals with urgent financial needs - and our first priority would be those who purchased plane tickets to fly in from out of the state.

All this said - we are excited to continue to host an amazing Compassion Camps experience for all of you soon, and look forward to seeing you at camp this year, next year, and all future years to come!


With lots of love,

The Compassion Camps Team










PS: When this is all said and done, we will need community more than ever.
Thank you for co-creating much-needed community, connection and compassion!

Where will you attend Compassion Camp 2020?
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