Financial Assistance

We do our best to ensure that everyone who wants to come to camp - does. 

This is done by everyone paying - camp counsellors, workshop facilitators, and magic makers in between.

When we pour together our resources, something amazing happens: equity.


Our shared resources enable us to can welcome campers who cannot financially afford camp. 

Our 3 Major pillars are: Community, Connection and Compassion.


Community doesn't exist if the table doesn't feed everyone.

So please do not take this for granted and give what you can, because you never know who is going to be your next great friend!

(eg. Last year Oregon, we gifted camp to 25 recovering addicts for free - many of them ended up being the angels of camp that made it super special).  Any time someone receives a free or reduced price ticket, it takes away that support for someone else. And if we want camp to continuously live on year after year, we need all your support and are highly grateful for your contribution and support! 

If you need a reduced price on a ticket, consider signing up for a MemberShift role,

which is the early bird ticket price. If you need additional  financial assistance, please email us

to schedule a call to assess what you need and how we can help!

Thank you for helping make camp the magic it is!


The Compassion Camps Team

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