What are Compassion Camps?

Compassion Camps are annual camps for adults with three locations across North America.

Our Mission:

Providing the best and most transformational camps for adults!


We do this through our 3 principles: community, connection and compassion.

A sober (substance-free) experience including:

1) Programming that is intentionally designed to build community and a sense of belonging.

2) Creating environments for a deeper connection in existing and new friendships.

3) Experiences that supports the development of compassion: for ourselves, others, and the planet.

4) Prioritizing equity in our decisions regarding leadership and camp accessibility.

5) Working with a dedicated, passionate and talented team at each site, including 12-15 camp counsellors, 40+ workshop facilitators, camp game hosts, artists, and more!

Camp is a co-creation of all kinds of people coming together with the intention to foster and facilitate more compassion in the world - for themselves, others, and the planet.

Everyone is welcome - whatever your background, race, religion, sexual preferences, and beliefs.

We are here to help you Come Home.

Our Vision:

Compassion Camps serves as a space for building positive bridges between

communities, creating an ever-expanding global network dedicated to

compassion: for themselves, for others, and for the planet.


 • Everyone feels a sense of acceptance and belonging.

 • Equity and inclusion is the standard.

 • Every camper contributes to the mission of camp.


 • Showing up authentically and free to be oneself.

 • Building relationships that strengthen our community.

 • Connecting with a sense of play, purpose and belonging.


 • For ourselves - practicing self-love and making decisions that support this.

 • For others - learning to hold space for others in a loving way.

 • For our planet - a sense of loving responsibility for the current state of the world.

Want to help Compassion Camps fulfill our Mission & Vision?

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