Oregon Workshops

Compassion Camps is committed to providing the best and most transformational adult camps.

A major component of how we do this is through offering 40+ transformational workshops for you to choose from. All workshop facilitators have been carefully selected to help you become your best, most authentic, and more compassionate self!

Some are deep, some are funny, some are entertaining - there is something for everyone! 

At camp, the workshops are attended on an open-source basis. No need to sign up for workshops in advance (unless otherwise indicated). You can join or leave a workshop at any time. 

You are free to choose your experience & customize it as you wish!

Check out some of our epic workshops selections below!

Healing Touch Discovery


Brenda Gilbert

Essential Silence

Cindy Maricle

Awaken Your Inner Child;

Play for Adults!

Plaedo Wellman

Thriving Fundamentals:

Solve the Mystery of Your "People Problems"


Vika Miller

Lucid Soul

Casandra Schuett

Sweetest Snuggles EVAR

Matheo 'Golden Dragon' James

Escape & Evasion:

AKA "Sneak Through the Woods"


Gary Moor

The Art of Not Knowing:: Storytelling & Alchemical Improv

Aeliana Moon

Raising Vibrations with Essential Oils

Roxanne Spring

Active Listening

Drum Circle 

Lucas James


Sawli Hedlund

Nature Walks: Exploring Self, Community & Environment


Drake Nyx & Lucas James(

Workshops are updated daily! 

Check back soon for more!

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