The Important of a Sober Space

At camp, one of our key guidelines is for campers and staff to remain sober.


We encourage that all attending campers leave any substances - including alcohol, and marijuana, psychoactive drugs - at home. If you'd like to challenge yourself by reducing your intake of these substances before camp - that's even better as it can make the shift easier at camp!


Why do we require campers to be sober during camp?

Compassion Camps exists to provide the best and most transformational camps for adults.

We do this by providing campers with various opportunities to heal as well as express their inner child. This includes joyful experiences during camp, and can also involve the deeper work that can be experienced through some of our workshops.

In order to experience a shift towards more compassion (for oneself, others, and the environment), it's important to be in touch with our feelings. This is best done through a sober body.  When we tell ourselves we need substances to feel good and safe in social gatherings, it's a limit we have constructed over time through this habit. Our intension through our team-building and fun activities is to have campers experience a greater sense of community, connection, ad belonging - where no substances will be needed. 

On the flip side - when processing some of the denser feelings that may arise during workshops, being sober can help us better access, identify, and make sense of uncomfortable emotions and process them in a more constructive way.


Another point to consider is that a portion of our campers have been in recovery from drug addictions and would feel most comfortable in an environment where no substances are present.

We also have had campers who regularly use substances be pleasantly surprised at how expansive their experience was without them. (Check out some of our campers' stories below!)

To keep camp a safer space for all and maintain the integrity of the space - if we find any such substances being used, they will either be confiscated or the camper may be asked to leave camp without a refund.

Thank you for your understanding!


Team Compassion



Our Campers' Sober Stories!

The sober space that we are co-creating at camp has positive impacts on our campers. 

Learn about why being sober and around others who are sober is important to them!

Insert testominials / experiences here from campers who:

1) Have been in rehab and now are living a sober life;

they appreciate the sober space our camp provides.

2) Have used substances to have a good time but since experiencing compassion camps sober, they had insights about their relationship to substances that helped them reduce the intake.

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