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To be witnessed and to celebrate!

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sharing gratitudes, connection, & expression!

Every morning we will email you with an invitation to that evening's connect!

Our emails will be fun, humorous, & loving!

Monday - Thursday

5:30 - 6: 15 pm Pacific Time (PT)

 7:30 - 8: 15 pm Central Time (CT)

8:30 - 9: 15 pm Eastern Time (ET)


Want to host a Connect? 

It's Simple, Let's Connect!


A note from the Founder of Compassion Camps:

"My name is Dane Esethu..

Or as many people under 5 foot call me, Mr. Dane. Through my hardships in life to seeing poverty at the most extreme levels in South Africa - I've learned that life is just too short not to share love for one another.

My goal in life is simple - empower community, connection, and compassion. I have been blessed to do this now for over a decade within schools, communities, institutions, and corporations. Through and through, humans all just want to love and be loved.

We all have an inner child that wants to express themselves and we all have an inner child who’s a bit wounded. As a community, let’s come together to be witnessed and celebrate!

Let’s Connect!"

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